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State Legislation Campaigns

State legislatures are also responding to public outrage at the illegal and abusive TSA tactics. The states of Texas, Alaska, and New Hampshire are among the 9 states that are introducing or are vetting bills that would make TSA procedures criminal activities in those states.

We have begun organizing state committees to manage each state. As a citizen of your state, you can submit your name for consideration to be on your state's committee in a leadership position by sending an email to us at .


Please let us know your state and your interest in fighting the TSA. Our first leaders have been drawn from active members in various groups already, but there is always room for you to actively assist and make a difference.

United States For Travel Freedom

Alaskan State Representative Sharon Cissna (you can read about her story in our Information Kit) helped form the United States For Travel Freedom, a group of state legislators who are taking a stand against the TSA. This is an important states' initiative to put pressure on the TSA, and is a parallel activity to complement some Federal legislators who are working at the Federal level.

Our citizens organization stands in strong solidarity and support - we are actively working to expand the involvement of other states. You can find out more about this important initiative at .

The ALASKAN FREEDOM TO TRAVEL USA chapter is very active and you can find them at:Alaskan Chapter - Freedom To Travel USA

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