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Information Kit For Citizens, Legislators, and Media

We have prepared an INFORMATION KIT- the intent of this kit is to educate concerned citizens, legislators, and media about the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agency responsible for protecting transportation including airports, railways, and ports.

We hope you read this document with an open mind, arrive at the same conclusions we have, and join us in restoring our rights and our dignity while traveling.

It is our assertion that the TSA is…

ü  violating our rights guaranteed  to us by the United States Constitution’s 4th Amendment , because of the TSA conducting unreasonable “strip searches” and groping of genitalia and breasts, including those of children, without a compelling administrative need and beyond what legitimate law enforcement officers are allowed to do

ü  trying to justify these illegal acts based on ineffective “strip search” scanners deployed to combat nearly non-existent security risks, while not redirecting spending to legal methods of combating other, higher security risks

ü  overreaching its authority by carrying out illegal acts and abusing passengers, not only at airlines, but also in other areas of transportation;  and that these abuses include traumatizing those with medical issues and touching our children inappropriately

ü  potentially exposing millions of airline passengers to radiation risks using “strip search” scanners untested by objective 3rd party medical and radiological professionals

We show this to you in a well-reasoned format, free from hysteria and extreme hyperbole, without allegiance to a particular brand of political philosophy, and without influence of corporate or private money sponsorship.

Download the INFORMATION KIT HERE! It is updated from time to time and the date on the front page is updated to maintain version control.