Freedom To Travel USA

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Federal Legislation Campaign

In conjunction with the initial release of our INFORMATION KIT, we are spearheading the most comprehensive analysis of the federal Senate and House congressional members and where they are positioned regarding the TSA. From this initial accounting, we will work with legislators to promote reasonable and legal airline security measures that preserve the dignity and rights of the traveling public.


Campaign Leadership


We have begun organizing state committees to manage each state. As a citizen of your state, you can submit your name for consideration to be on your state's committee in a leadership position by sending an email to us at


Please let us know your state and your interest in fighting the TSA. Our first leaders have been drawn from active members in various groups already, but there is always room for you to actively assist and make a difference.

If you just want to potentially send a letter or email so that your opinion is counted, that is fine too! Please click on the CLICK HERE at the top of this page or go to the POLITICAL ACTION Menu, JOIN submenu choice. The state leadership committees will contact you and keep you informed on their efforts.