Freedom To Travel USA

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The Alaska Freedom To Travel USA chapter is very active and has created their own website.


PLEASE VISIT THE WEBSITE and contact them at  Alaska Freedom To Travel USA Chapter


By joining Freedom To Travel USA, you will be joining a growing coalition of concerned citizens who understand what made America a great country - our individual freedoms recorded in the US Constitution, our history of fighting to protect these freedoms and to give others in the world a chance to realize these ideals, and our overall American culture of individualism, justice, and fairness along with a fierce sense of working for the common good and achieving great goals such as putting a man on the moon.


It is often said,"United we stand, divided we fall." You could continue to be "divided" and alone at an airport security line, or perhaps silently resign yourself to never flying again if you don't absolutely have to. Or you can make an individual choice to join the coalition and stand together with others who share your viewpoint.

There is no political profile required to join. We are Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents. We are liberals, moderates, and conservatives. We are common citizens and well-known personalities. But we stand together with one common goal - fight the TSA's illegal and abusive tactics, and restore the vitality and confidence that the "threat of terrorism" has damaged through the actions of the TSA.