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                                                                                         October 31, 2018    Final Amicus Brief Filed in Pellegrino vs TSA, TSA Abuse Is Real

                                                                                         September 4, 2018 Amicus Brief Filed in Pellegrino vs TSA, Make TSA Accountable

                                                                                         March 6, 2017         TSA Warns Police About...TSA'S Sexual Groping of Passengers

                                                                                         January 5, 2017      Supplemental Letter on TSA Abuse Filed in CEI/EPIC vs DHS

                                                                                         October 9, 2016      Amicus Brief Filed with Appeals Court in CEI/EPIC vs DHS

                                                                                         January 13, 2016    Coalition Protests Forced Body Scanner Searches by TSA

                                                                                         May 1, 2015            Amicus Brief Filed With Supreme Court by FTTUSA     


Welcome! We are United States citizens - just like you - who want to regain freedoms taken away by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). We are fighting against the completely illegal, warrantless electronic strip searches of our citizens, and fighting against the coerced, inappropriate physical touching of bodies, including our private parts.

Now is the time to go to the next level in this fight to preserve America's freedoms. We are building on the current efforts and creating a coalition with a strong organization and focus.

DOWNLOAD the INFORMATION KIT!  - learn why this is important, understand how your rights and our children's rights are being taken away, and see how the TSA is doing things that the police can't do under our constitution.

Join other concerned citizens
 and help influence your federal and state legislators to stand up for America's freedoms and your dignity.


October 31, 2018: FTTUSA Files Final Amici Brief in PELLEGRINO vs TSA , Dispels TSA Myths  

Freedom To Travel USA filed a final Amici Brief in support of the Pellegrino vs TSA lawsuit En Banc hearing. We argue that the TSA still abuses passengers and that a positive ruling in this case will provide potential legal relief in addition to helping curtail future abuses.

The link below is the full Amicus Filing (Restore The Fourth was a co-filer with our organization):

FINAL En Banc Amicus Brief in Pellegrino

September 4, 2018: FTTUSA Leads Group in Amici Brief in PELLEGRINO vs TSA Lawsuit in Federal Appeals Court 

Freedom To Travel USA filed an Amici Brief in support of the Pellegrino vs TSA lawsuit, which simply asks that TSA Officers be held liable for potentially illegal conduct, which in this case was alleged false arrest, destruction of property, and illegal reprisals under color of law enforcement. The defendant, Pellegrino, was cleared of all charges brought by the TSA employees. Our lawsuit supports that Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) simply be held accountable for egregious behavior under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA); its plain language should treat them as "investigatory officers" since they do "searches".

This article describes the Pellegrino incident in some detail:

Pelligrino Incident

The link below is the full Amicus Filing (Restore The Fourth was a co-filer with our organization):

AMICUS For Pellegrino


TSA Warns Local Police About Potential Sexual Abuse by...the TSA!  - reported by Bloomberg News

Freedom To Travel USA prides itself on presenting facts without hyperbole. We have maintained FOR YEARS that the  TSA'S FORCED TOUCHING OF SEXUAL ORGANS as part of a suspicionless warrantless search is unconstitutional and is abusive, especially to the many, many documented cases of the TSA touching private parts of medically disabled or people who "alarm" scanners which can't distinguish any measurable presence of weapons, explosives, or incendiary devices.

Now..supporting our view...the TSA is LITERALLY WARNING POLICE ABOUT ITSELF in that Passengers will likely complain about the TSA'S FORCED SEXUAL GROPING OF AMERICANS. It is disgusting, and not representative of American values of freedom and liberty. It simply smacks of irrational fear, ironically supporting the goals of terrorism - which is to disrupt normal, civil society. The TSA is a fine ally in this respect.

CLICK HERE --> Bloomberg News Reports TSA Warns Police About Itself

January 5th, 2017: FTTUSA Files Supplementary Letter Concerning TSA Assaults on Two Female Passengers, Including A Cancer Patient

Freedom To Travel USA i filed a Supplementary Letter in the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) and Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) vs DHS lawsuit.

CLICK HERE --> FTTUSA Supplementary Letter


First, a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy treatment WAS VICTIMIZED WITH CRIMINAL TOUCHING by the TSA. Details here -> TSA ABUSES CANCER PATIENT .

In the second case a CNN Commentator has video of the TSA TOUCHNG HER VAGINA AND LABIA.
We continually wonder why lawyers like TSA Attorney  SHARON SWINGLE defend a government agency which fails 90% of the time in its tests, has scanners that FREQUENTLY FALSELY ALARM causing what would be criminal touching of private parts in any other non-police situation, and generally supports theTSA'S UN-AMERICAN, FORCED SEXUAL GROPING OF AMERICANS who just want to travel within their own country?

And, of course, lawyers like her turn a blind eye and defend the SINGLING OUT OF AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES.

October 9th, 2016: FTTUSA Leads Group in Amici Brief in CEI/EPIC vs DHS Lawsuit in Federal Appeals Court

Freedom To Travel USA filed an Amici Brief in support of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) and Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) vs DHS lawsuit which argues against the final passenger rules which eliminate the option for some to  "opt out" from the unconstitutional scanners.

Our group of Petitioners include National Association of Airline Passengers, Bill of Rights Defense Committee/Defending Dissent Foundation,  and Consumer Watchdog.  Together, we are fighting for YOUR RIGHT to be free of unconstitutional searches, including criminal touching of private parts.

CLICK HERE --> Amici Brief For CEI et Al vs DHS

We would like to acknowledge our attorney, Mahesha P. Subbaraman - WWW.SUBBLAW.COM

LAW360 ( , a major web site covering legal issues, highlighted our Amici Filing.

CLICK HERE TO SEE LAW360 ARTICLE --> LAW360 Article on FTTUS Amici Brief


January 13th, 2016: EPIC leads Coalition against "Forced Body Scans" in Airports

Freedom To Travel USA supports the coalition of civil liberties organizations, led by EPIC, which wrote Congress to protest a recent TSA announcement that some passengers will be "forced" to go through body scanners without the option to 'opt out'. This goes against an Appeals Court decision which suggested that the 'opt out' option made body scanners potentially constitutional (as argued by TSA lawyers in EPIC vs DHS).

What this means is that the TSA has arbitrarily changed its SECRET RULES and the change is contrary to previous positions held by the TSA.

In short, the TSA continues to be unaccountable to the Constitution, our court system, and Congress.

CLICK HERE --> Privacy Coalition Letter

Amicus Brief filed with the Supreme Court on May 1,2015 to Vacate Constitutional Ruling Made by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals...Even After Corbett's Case Was Dismissed!!!

UPDATE - Supreme Court decided not to hear Jon Corbett's appeal.

Freedom To Travel USA filed an Amicus Brief, with the Supreme Court, concerning Jon Corbett's case against the TSA (Jon Corbett vs TSA). The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals had made a constitutional ruling on the TSA's warrantless searches, including the groping of sexual organs which often affects the medically disabled.  They did this EVEN THOUGH THEY EFFECTIVELY DISMISSED THE CASE !!! In short, the court made a legal ruling without a trial of any sort.

Click Here for FTTUSA Amicus Brief <-CLICK FOR BRIEF

We would like to thank our legal counsel, Emily Adams. Her law firm can be reached at:

Emily Adams LLC

It is already an American tragedy that we no longer can have a constitutional trial to defend 4th amendment rights, effectively eliminating this right for innocent people.

It is an American tragedy that a bureaucratic agency can create SECRET rules without review, and then inflict those rules on over 650 million people every year.

It is an American tragedy that the courts - judges who are American citizens just like you - refuse to even allow a trial where evidence of the LARGEST "Stop and Frisk" PROGRAM can be heard under a fair due process.

IMPORTANT! Amicus Brief filed November 11,2014 to Defend Right To a Fair Trial for Constitutional Rights When Challenging the TSA

Freedom To Travel USA
filed an Amicus Brief in Jon Corbett's case against the TSA (Jon Corbett vs TSA). Our main concern is that the Appeals Court made some comments on the constitutionality of nude body scanners and criminal touching pat downs. They did this with absolutely NO DUE PROCESS as there has not been any reasonable opportunity for Jon to present facts - the entire record is an incomplete, one-sided, self-serving presentation by the TSA.  Our lawyer (Emily Adams) has presented a strong argument asking for a fair discovery process in support of Jon's En Banq filing.


IMPORTANT! Oral Arguments January 7, 2014 on the TSA Assaulting Patients with Metal Implants, Violates ADA

Freedom To Travel USA is pleased that a College Professor, Mary Beth Ruskai, is fighting for those with metal implants. As pointed out in the full brief, the TSA unreasonably pats down her groin and breasts after a walkthru metal detector alarms on her knee and hip implants. This makes a whole CLASS of medical patients subject to criminally touching pat down, and arguably violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.

CLICK HERE ->  Ruskai vs Pistole Brief PDF

IMPORTANT NEWS! First Circuit Court of Appeals Heard Oral Arguments by Amicus Brief In Redfern, et. al vs Janet Napolitano

Freedom To Travel USA participated in the Oral Arguments in Redfern vs. Napolitano on April 3rd, 2013. It is the MOST IMPORTANT 4th Amendment Case in trial this year. In our accepted Amicus brief, we suggested the Court should consider establishing a full record of the TSA scanner and "pat down" program and its impact to passengers, risk justification, and consequences of privacy intrusions for ALL scanner types and pat downs. The Court GRANTED us permission to participate - an extremely rare occurrence for Amicus - which shows they took our arguments seriously.

The attorney who represented Freedom To Travel USA as amicus curiae at oral argument was Mahesha Subbaraman, of the firm Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P. (

Freedom To Travel USA filed an Amicus Brief for a major TSA 4th Amendment court case pending in the US Court System. Our brief has requested that the Court consider an evidentiary hearing based on the intrusiveness of TSA screenings which have caused many Americans to experience humiliation, fear, and a total loss of dignity.

CLICK HERE ->   FTTUSA Amicus Brief - Redfern vs Napolitano

JUNE 2013: June 24th, 2013 Public Comment

Freedom To Travel USA submitted its public comments concerning the court-order Notice of Public Rule Making (NPRM) forced on the TSA for violating administrative procedures.

The TSA was forced by the judge in EPIC vs DHS to take public comments on the use of scanners for airport screenings.

OUR SUMMARY CONCLUSION (Response ID 1jx-862q-h3wh)

Freedom To Travel USA’s evaluation shows the suggested rule is useless, unnecessary, and unresponsive to the Court order. It fails to protect the Constitutional rights of Americans and does not adequately address or prevent the abuses which have unarguably occurred ALREADY since the Nude Body Scanners and criminal pat downs have been deployed unlawfully for over two and half years now.

FULL TEXT - Click Here To See Full Text

JAN 2013 - TSA Announces Back Scatter X-Ray

Scanners Will Be Eliminated!!!

The TSA announced it will remove Back Scatter X-Ray scanners from service because the manufacturer can't create software to hide nude images and still "detect anomalies". A congressional mandate to eliminate nude-picture taking on all scanners was passed in 2012.

CLICK HERE for X-Ray Scanner Announcement

Freedom To Travel USA reminds everyone that ALL scanners violate the 4th amendment and lead to privacy violations and criminal touching of private parts. So, removing the X-Ray scanners, never tested in situ by independent parties, is just a minor, but important, first victory. 

The remaining scanners do NOT detect explosives, weapons, or incendiary devices. So, any "alerts" are followed by "pat downs", which touch one's private parts or other parts of your body. The scanners cannot tell the difference between an explosive, medical device, or mastectomy scar. The coercive physical touching by the TSA violates criminal laws in all 50 states if performed by anyone, at any time, anywhere else.

The false positive rate (not counting the actual alarms which have never detected a working non-metallic bomb on any of the 1.3 billion passengers from 2010 to 2012) of the remaining scanners likely leads to at least 10 million plus pat-downs every year, many of which involve criminal touching of private parts, such as experienced by mastectomy patients, those with medical devices, and those with artificial limbs.

If you are fortunate enough not to be "profiled" by the TSA, please consider those who do fit these categories and voice your concerns to "restore liberties" for all.

DEC 2012 - First Circuit Accepts Amicus Brief in

"Redfern, et. al vs Janet Napolitano"

Freedom To Travel USA
had an Amicus Brief accepted by the First Circuit in "Redfern, et. al vs Janet Napolitano". Our brief suggests the Court should consider a special discovery process so evidence may be introduced concerning the TSA's procedures which include well-documented violations of privacy such as molesting, not one, but two terminally ill, dying cancer patients in addition to performing criminal touching of passengers' private parts in all 50 states.

Read more about why ALL scanners lead to privacy issues and violations of the 4th amendment with unprecedented general searches of our persons.

CLICK HERE for Amicus Brief

SEPT 2012 - Aviation Security Advisory Committee -

Personal Testimony

One of Freedom To Travel USA's Co-Founders spoke at the ASAC meeting, which is a committee to provide recommendations to the TSA on various issues. It is mostly populated by travel industry or airport industry representatives.

Her very moving testimony concerning her experiences on why "Flying While Handicapped" is the new and just as unacceptable "Driving While Black" is at this link.

FTTUSA Testimony at ASAC

MAY 2012 - Congressional Briefing - "TSA: Failure

By The Numbers"

Freedom To Travel USA presented a Congressional Briefing discussing why the TSA strip search scanners are mathematically a failure and makes a strong argument to eliminate spending and time on them. Also, the strip search scanner vulnerabilities which easily allow metal objects pass them undetected were discussed by Jonathan Corbett.

Original Invite - Congressional Briefing May 22, 2012

MARCH 2012 - Press Release -


defeats both AIT and ATR Scanners in Real


Patriot Jonathan Corbett defeated the Strip Search Scanners with a sewing kit. FTTUSA requests funding suspended for this unreliable technology.

Press Release - Press_Release_03-6-2012_FTTUSA_Announces TSA Scanners Proven Ineffective

JANUARY 2012 - Press Release to Support

STRIP ACT, Letter to DHS Secret Meeting

FTTUSA supports the STRIP ACT, a first step to challenging the TSA.

Press Release - Press_Release_01-25-2012_FTTUSA_Supports_STRIP_ACT

FTTUSA submitted this letter

to a closed, secret meeting held by DHS in January, 2012 to discuss the irrational fear over extremely small risks, and how this does not justify the TSA abuses.

DECEMBER 2011 - Special Press Release

Freedom To Travel USA is pleased to announce it has submitted a letter to all members of the House Sub-Committee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security concerning the TSA Appropriations Bill H.R. 3011. The Press Release and the Letter Template are as follows:

Press Release -  FTTUSA_Press_Release_12.07B_-_HR3011_Public_Comment.pdf

"Freedom To Travel USA Asks Congress To Stop Strip Searches and Genital Groping By The TSA"

Letter To Congress Template - H.R. 3011 Comments


We are actively testing our legislative contacts at both the State and Federal levels. With the summer past us, we are gearing up our legislative contacts to find those legislators who believe that the TSA should not be able to perform actions on Americans that the police are NOT allowed to do unless someone is under arrest or in custody.


Our members were proud to assist Alaskan State Representative Sharon Cissna this August, when she was holding "TSA Teas" on her trip to the National Council of State Legislators Conference and back home. Rep. Cissna is nationally known for her refusal to be subjected to TSA indignities and has testified to Congress concerning her experiences.



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All we need is to have you JOIN the coalition. We are not going to ask you to join a demonstration, get arrested, or write millions of e-mails. We will ASK you to do very few, targeted actions at the right time to maximize your time investment. For those who are motivated, you can become leaders in the campaigns described in the Federal and State campaign section of our website. Even with that, there is not a significant time investment required in order to be effective.

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